Thanks and info from Suze and I

From: Gary (
Wed Mar 28 06:28:41 2001

Hi everyone, first post on this board from me. I'm Suze Mulvena's other half. Firstly thank you all. The support for Suze has been fantastic...and mildly embarrassing given that so many others here either have similar problems as yet unresolved. We dont know whether Suze's are yet either but......

Over a year ago we went to Professor Russell Strong in of the leading liver specialists in the World....he runs one of the 2 best liver transplant units on the planet. He told us that someone needed to disect through the adhesions and look for a problem on the outside of the liver. The last surgeon told us that was too difficult and dangerous. Dr George Fielding yesterday did all of that and the way he described it was like a walk in the park. He divided adhesions from the bowel till he got down to the liver...then found a liver that had lots of scarring and adhesions pulling it this way and that....attached to bowel, to parietal peritoneum (see mum I have learnt big medical words!!), and some that had folded a portion of the liver almost in half. He was only in there for an hour or so but seems to have done heaps.

Suze, as of tonight (Wednesday), is having a problem with the pain, but we are hoping like crazy that Dr Fielding has found and fixed the major part of her problem. We'll let you know once we know.....obviously until the post-op pain subsudes we cant tell, but in a couple of weeks we should know more.

So after 16 operations in the last 8 years...all stemming from a doctor's error in the first place we may be on the way....fingers, toes and everything except bowels crossed *grin*

Oh, by the way, not only is the support you guys offer other adhesion sufferers amazing...but I must thank you so so much for the fact that you also recognise that this stuff aint a bed of roses for the rest of us either.....the words of care and love for me have meant heaps *smile*.......and Nick - next time Trace threatens to tears your skin off if you dont give her the phone..........just remember it till the next time she asks for a cup of coffee *grin*...................maybe you and I should start a "lunatics madly in love with women with adhesions board".....LOL h

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