From: Colette (
Wed Mar 28 09:09:05 2001

At Wed, 28 Mar 2001, wrote: > Wow!! You know i went to a gi dr that told me to have my colon removed or live with it i just looked at him! He never eximined me. I'v gone to another gi dr since and she wants to do a colonoscopy, which i postponed cause i know they won't find anything! Yrs ago i had a colonoscopy they told me i had IBS. Since my hyster on dec 1 2000 i've had bm problems. I take 2tblespoons of good old mom everynight and go fine. i know i have adhesions cause of the pain in my side. I would think twice before having my colon removed for me it would have to be a life or death situation. God bless!! You take care!

>Hey Kelly,
>I'm here. Worn out, sore still not hungry (weird)
>They found nothing... so I feel comfortable waiting 2 months. It'll take me
>that long to get the money togther.
>I confirmed the 24th with the office this morning with Dr Gerhart & Redan
>doing the surgery. More bowel prep to look forward to yippee:)
>Dr Gerhart called me last night to check on me which was nice & reassuring.
>He will talk to my GI today to decide an exact course of action. I was fuzzy
>fron the procedure, but he did mention removing my whole colon and attaching
>my small intestine ( he said -no colostemy bag!! no way!!!) so I am trying
>not to panic.
>I need to go clean my house, we have company coming and just had a big fight
>with my husband... all is well, the stress just got the best of us.
>I still may get to meet you, I might be getting there before you leave.
>I hope you have recovered from the popcorn experience. I'm sticking with
>Ritz crackers today.
>better go vaccuum..

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