Re: ADHESIONS digest 953

Wed Mar 28 13:52:28 2001

Eileen, I wish I had answers for you. All I can tell you is what I've been through. You have me beat in the surgery department... but I had sugery last May and they removed my sigmoid colon, that was 3 months after they removed an ovary, tube and massive adhesions and endo. And here I am in pain, I am doing physical therapy which has helped my abdominal, superficial pain. But that deep pain is there and getting worse. I have scheduled surgery with specialists I heard about on this site. It is my last resort to regain some quality of life. While the thoght of more surgery scares me to death, staying like this, or getting worse... no way. The women on this site have given me so much information and support. I am still a novice. Just stay informed and read the posting. It will inspire you to keep going and make you feel less alone. It has helped me so much. Take the time and read the quilt. I stayed up all night, hurting last weekend ans read it all. I cried and cried. For all the women who had it so much worse and for the relief that I am not alone.

Love, Kelly Doucet

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