Re: Surgery

From: Michael Murray (
Wed Mar 28 19:14:13 2001

Kathy, Thank you for the info. I live in N.M. so it is a long way for me to go to Pa. We have to drive to Albuquerque, (200 miles) to catch a flight. I will check Angel Flight out, I didn't know there was any thing like that. Kel

"Kathy L." wrote:

> At Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Michael Murray wrote:
> >
> >Dear Kelly:
> Just wanted to let you know about Angel Flight. They offer free air
> travel for medical reasons throughout the US. I was set up to fly from
> Erie to Scranton in November, but unfortunately, we were having a
> blizzard and it wasn't safe to fly that day. You can check out their
> website, just type in angel flight. They offer free flights by
> volunteers. They also offer free flights on commercial airlines in some
> cases. The people I spoke with on the phone were wonderful and really
> want to help make things easier when going through medical problems.
> Take care,
> kathy L.

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