Support for Robyne Hinks

From: Wally (
Thu Mar 29 00:06:26 2001

Hi again.......

Some of you may already be aware that Robyne Hinks is also in hospital in Australia, in fact she is in the same hospital as Suze.

Trace has just told me that Robyne will be having surgery tomorrow too, and is feeling a little low at the moment. There has been a sad loss in her family, her brother-in-law passed away last Friday and everyone is obviously grief stricken.

Please lend your support and prayers to Robyne, as she has few visitors. Your messages can be sent to her via the Wesley Hospital website:

If you are unable to access this site for some reason, post your message here, and I will be happy to pass it on.

Cheers & Hugs, Jo

You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

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