Going for surgery on APril 9!!

From: Jim (jlynch@udel.edu)
Thu Mar 29 12:36:59 2001

To save everyone the details, I have finally gotten approval from my insurance carrier to have Dr. Redan perform surgery on April 9th. I was originally denied coverage on Monday (3/26) but heaven sent me a little angel who came along (with a mighty big stick!) and got them to change their minds.

My wife and I are driving up to Scranton next Sunday April 8 for bowel prep (YEE HAA!) and have an 11:30am procedure time for 4/9. I will keep you posted as to the outcome and my experience.

If anyone else would like to talk to me about my experiences, just email me and I can bore you with all the details :)

Peace to all!! JIM

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