Regina ;-)

From: niko (
Fri Mar 30 23:46:22 2001

Clear DayHi Regina ;-)

I made an observation last week, a very important one actually, I thought I would share it with you because the outcome might help you too.

I have made quite a few friends from this board, that have helped me through some rough times. We talk and listen to each other as much as we need ;-) We have ALL bonded together, and try to help each other find some qualified ARD help in Oz.

Last week we made a blunder with a well known specialist here in Australia. We thought he was no where near as qualified as he was !!!

A terrible unintended mistake on our part, BUT because of this error, my friend rang the Doctor for some confirmation, and his staff were totally unbelievable. She even spoke to him personally, and was so impressed. After her appointment last week with him (who would've thought), she was on her way to finding good quality help.

Even though my friend has decided to go with someone a little closer to her home, what started out as an error, quickly became salvageable, with a great outcome.

The esteemed opinions were crucial to making her decisions. She is now totally comfortable and happy with her choices ;-)

I hope sharing this helps you in some way, if not, I'm always here to talk to, just let me know how I can help.

Your Pain Pal Trace xo

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