GUIDELINES...for messages to the Message Board

From: Helen Dynda (
Sat Mar 31 22:42:35 2001

[] GUIDELINES for messages to the Message Board:

The International Adhesions Society Message Board is a list for discussion of topics of interest to men and women and their health.

The Adhesions Message Board does not accept advertisements.

Questions and discussions initiated by International Adhesions Society subscribers about products and services ARE appropriate. This provides an avenue for help, hints and recommendations among the colleagues on this list.

PLEASE!!! DO NOT FLAME EACH OTHER ON THE LIST. There is a difference between healthy disagreement and downright nastiness ( We can't define it, but we know it when we see it ). If you have an opinion for someone send it directly to them. People, who are subscribed to the list, may lose interest if this becomes a problem. WE WILL and HAVE removed people from the list for this offense.


Always use a descriptive subject line.

Always sign your postings. Include your name, your e-mail address and your institutional affiliation...but don't go overboard.

Do not send encoded documents to the list. Ascii text only, please.

Please try to keep the "chaff"-- messages that don't need to be sent to the entire list -- to a minimum. These should be sent directly to the person, who posted the message. If you are unsure how to direct your reply to the individual instead of the list, check with the administrator your local e-mail system. You may have to create a fresh message rather than using a reply function.

Remember that the International Adhesions Society Message Board is configured so that replies are sent to the entire list and not just the individual who posted the message. To determine whether something should be sent to the entire list, ask yourself: "Does this only involve one person, or will many likely be interested in my message?"

When sending a reply to the list, DO NOT INCLUDE THE ENTIRE PREVIOUS MESSAGE. Extract any relevant portions, if necessary.

Keep your postings within the scope of the list.

Absolutely NO Profanity will be tolerated


This is an international forum; and is freely available to anyone with access to a computer. For your own protection, consider this when posting to the list.

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