Tammy Wynette, famed country music star, also suffered from adhesion related disease ( ARD )!!!

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Sun Jun 17 23:54:42 2001

" A Daughter Recalls Her Mother's Tragic Life and Death " is a book written by Jackie Daly as a tribute to the life of her mother, Tammy Wynette. Tammy Wynette, famed country music singer, also suffered from adhesion related disease ( ARD )!!! Tammy had undergone twenty-six major surgeries in her short lifetime -- beginning with an appendectomy and then a hysterectomy. Tammy Wynette suffered from the same symptoms as many of you are dealing with. " Something far worse than a wayward husband attached itself to Tammy Wynette during those years---something that would plague her to the end of her life.

" After Georgette was born in 1970, Mom had a couple of surgeries---first an appendectomy and then a hysterectomy. Apparently she didn't heal properly on the inside. Adhesions, and later keloids, formed in her lower abdomen, causing a number of complications, including bowel obstructions and severe pain. Adhesions, according to my medical dictionary, are fibrous bands of scar tissue that bind together normally separate anatomical structures. Keloids are raised, red formations of fibrous scar tissue caused by excessive tissue repair." ( from Page 86-87)

Since my own problems with adhesion related disease began about the time that Tammy had her first surgery, I was particularly interested in being able to read about Tammy's ordeal with adhesions.

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* In Memory of Tammy Wynette


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* Bio of Tammy Wynette


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* About Tammy Wynette


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