Tammy Wynette was a victim of Adhesion Related Disease!!.... ( part 3 )

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Tue Jun 19 23:17:21 2001

Tammy Wynette was a victim of Adhesion Related Disease!!...( part 3 ) Adhesion Related Disease is the world's best kept medical secret; and none of those mentioned above had a clue. I TOOK advantage of that high quality medical intervention; which also could have been available for Tammy Wynette.

In this tragedy I hold one person responsible for the unneccesary degree of suffering that Tammy Wynette, her husband George Richey, their five daughters and son, family, friends and fans had to endure. That person IS Dr. Marsh. He was aware of the cause of her disease. He tried to treat it; but he also is a part of the coverup that continues to exist within the medical community even today! He could've explained this disease and its synptoms; and he could have explained everything that was happening to Tammy Wynette. Yet he chose not to -- as most Drs. do -- thus plummeting Tammy and her family into a whirlwind of suffering by his silence and by the code of secrecy about Adhesion Related Disease that is held in such high esteem within the medical community today.

Mr. Richey might not understand that comment; because he saw how much Tammy suffered and he appreciated Dr. Marsh's efforts in trying to relieve Tammy's debilitating pain. In my opinion Dr. Marsh's involvement and dishonesty about her disease ultimately caused Tammy's death! He knew it and he tried to cover it up. Not her death. No, he didn't try to cover up her death at all. What he tried to cover up was the CAUSE of her death -- as all Drs. do when it comes to Adhesion Related Disease!

Mr. Richey, it's time for you and your family to get on with your lives. You did the best you could; and now it's your time to live. Unfortunately, Tammy's children will continue to live with anger and confusion -- and even with suspicions about your care of their mother; and that is very sad. Until they are willing to learn about Tammy's disease -- and the reasons that all of this happened to her, to you and them -- they will live out their days filled with silent internal suffering just as their mother did. There ARE answers for everything that happened; and that is probably just as painful as what Tammy suffered from. So sad, so avoidable!

Ever since that night when I watched the news of Tammy Wynette's death, I wondered if the cause of her death would be buried with her -- as the cause of death of many celebrities has been. I was the person, who might have spoken for all of us. I watched her -- with her beautiful voice and caring compassionate manner -- being buried. Yet a part of me said it wasn't over for Tammy nor for us.

Today as a result of the confusion and suspician surrounding her death -- and because the Dr. dishonestly covered it up -- she speaks through her daughter's book, " A daughter recalls her mothers tragic life and death." Her voice is silent now; she suffers no more. But she IS going to be a voice for others, who suffer from this horrendous disease. Although she is no longer here on earth, her voice will once again be heard. Today Tammy's untimely death will serve as a voice for ALL who suffer from her disease, ADHESOIN RELATED DISEASE -- today and in the future.

I hope and pray that no one will judge this family harshly for what is happening in Tammy's family. They don't have a clue!! I hope they will never have to live what Tammy and her family had to live with in order to understand the REAL story of Tammy Wynette's life and her death!

Thank-you, George Richey and Jackie Daily for sharing your personal account of your wife and mother's life! What you are suffering with today will bring truth and life to others, who suffer as Tammy did; which just might spare another family from so much suffering. Once the truth about Adhesion Related Disease is made known, it will help to save the life of a sufferer in a way that Tammy's life could not be spared!! I guarantee that!

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