From: Poutinen, Jay (jpoutine@uwsp.edu)
Mon Jul 30 14:26:38 2001

OxyContin can be mailed to you. The prescription has to be hand-delivered by the patient or doctor's office to the pharmacy.

Rush Limbaugh (talk radio) talked about OxyContin at length today--maybe an hour of his 3-hour show. The talk was mostly about the abusers of the drug, and that it was a shame that the abuse affected people who really need it.

-----Original Message----- From: Jean Long [mailto:creative@enter.net] Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 1:15 PM To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Helen C.- Oxycontin

Helen C. I didn't know they could mail you the Oxycontin...maybe you should check on that! Maybe it wasn't even mailed to you. I was told everything had to be hand-delivered with Oxycontin. They couldn't even mail me a prescription for it from Philly....we had to physically pick up the prescription and the pills every time since you also can't get refills....always a new prescription....what a pain

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