Jo, follow the yellow brick road

From: Rose Lunn (
Thu Sep 6 11:18:58 2001

Okay......if you're vacationing in Oz....thats right next door to my state of misery (ooops, Missouri), so follow those yellow bricks ( not yellow snow, mind you) and we'll get the evil witch (pain) together!

I'm not giving up my special Australian snowball......scientists years from now will be very puzzled by its presence! I'll send you one from here, by Xmas there should be plenty around up here......i'll even promise not to use the yellow kind! Then you can send me the dazzling Aussie sunshine and we'll be even!

I may try to go back to work next week even though I haven't heard a word about my appeal for my short term disability. I'll talk to the doctor this afternoon and see if she'll write a note for 1/2 days, just to see if I can make it.

p.s. 'blonde logic'? is that an oxymoron? <VBG>

kcmo rose

>thnx for the tan :-) I always looked great in brown (hehehehe). Glad
>you have more pain meds.....and as for being sensible....we don't need
>that!!! We need all the fun we can get living with this condition......I
>LOVE confusing people with my "blonde logic"....I've turned it into a
>game....hey I gotta get my kicks from somewhere!
>Keep that snow ball for me....I'll be asking for it back around
>Christmas when I need to cool down..LOL
>Love, hugs & cheers
>Jo (wintering in Oz)
>Positive Affirmation
>Say this with your hands above your head
>(victory style) and repeat three times:
>I'm Alive I'm Alert I'm a LOT of fun!!
>That should get you smiling!

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