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From: Tish (
Tue Apr 30 21:26:06 2002

At Tue, 30 Apr 2002, DANNIEL MCCUTCHAN wrote: >
>I saw pain clinic doc. and nurse practioner today, I get the feeling tha their approach to
>"Multi-disciplinary regiman" is just a way for them to, again, have udde control over what and how much i can do with my own body! Never mind t e fact that the meds arent adequetly releiving the pain, they just, "mus adhere to certain guidelines". So for me the pain suffer that means, t o bad sucker you will have to suffer. And heaven for bid I should have bad day and need to take a few more pills than they want me to, then th t will show up in my blood work and I could be elminated from the progra ! I am only "allowed" 2 Percoset a day! I told doc today that is NOT a equate pain relief, and his response(and nurse pract.) was, "we need you to try one more injection,(in the low back),
>which is relativerly painless, it's like an epidural, and if that does n t work than we are we will not push any further injections on you,." " a d then if you can control the pain on the low dose opiates you can stay n those for a very long time." I just do not like anyone have this much control over me. I have been on and off opitate medication for 2 years ow, due to several surgeries and some chronic pain relapes(adhesions), m tolerance is higher than someone who hasnt gone thru all these surgerie i have. They will not budge!
>I can NOT, at this time take anymore than 2 percoset a day, or I have to make yet ANOTHER APPT! $15.00! to discuss this in detail. Until i get t e stupid injection they want me to do i can not get them to here me!
>any comments anyone??

Hi there..i know it is awful being at the mercy of these Drs.this is driving me well! I have not yet made it to a pain specialist but im working on that...My Reg Dr tho has taken me from 100 Lorcet plus..per month to 60 Darvocet per month and unfortunately i have to take 2 or 3 darvocet at a time to even knock the edge off of the the agony never ends..then they tell us not to take too much tylenoll or ibuprofen cause of the damage it can what do we do..i guess keep our minds as occupied as possible, pray constantly for a little bit of relief..and search for more answers..and always always know that at least we can come here and talk about how we someone who undestands...and know also that i will pray for you..ok..please feel free to email me any time you need a friend ok.. Gentle Hugs Tish


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>Here is what was adopted by the House of Delegates of the Federation of tate Medical Boards in May of 1998, for use by all State Medical Boards. Read the section on Addiction. Addiction is NOT the same thing as depe dence; which all Pain Patients, who take Opiates, experience. Even tho gh this is meant for State Medical Boards, anyone can use this to show t their doctor, their family, or to anyone who has reservations about the r taking Opiates. It clearly spells out that 99.99% of patients, who ta e Opiates, DO NOT become addicted among other things. -- Jim
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