Sat Feb 1 09:05:29 2003

Dear Cyndi: I cant remember the exact date i did but i have had it on the quilt for a while now. Just havent been able to post too much with all that has been going on here. Thank you so much for making me feel welcome. I have been having a terrible time there past three days with pain and I am trying very hard not to make a trip to the ER. I hate being treated like an annoyance instead of a person who needs to be treated for her pain and suffering. I am hanging in there for my appointment with Dr. McKinney. This will be my 14 surgery in three years. I am very scared as the last surgery left me bleeding internally and having another major surgery to fix me. I stayed in the hospital for a week and came home on easter day. It took me a good three months before I was back on my feet but i am still having major complications from that surgery. the surgeon was horrible. She seemed like she didnt even care that i almost died. when i woke up in ICU i heard them talking that my hemoglobin was 4.0 and they were going to have to give me blood, two units. She kept telling me not to be a sissy i was going to be fine. I have never been back to her and she never called to see how i was doing. I have been going to her since i was 17. Im praying that this new doctor is going to help me. I live in south jersey and i dont have the money to go to Germany or visit Dr. Reich in PA either. When i called and they said he doesnt take insurance i was very upset. There is no way i could afford that surgery so I have high hopes that Dr. McKinney will be able to help me. I want to get better so I can have fun with my kids again and be able to do the things i enjoy. Thank you for you support.

love and hugs,

susie - south jersey

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