Re: Desperately need your help!!!!!!!!

From: Rebecca Tucker (
Sat Feb 1 10:45:22 2003

Gosh Brenda, I'm sure sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble. I'm having sympathy pain as I write! (good grief!) Has your doctor by any chance discussed the possiblity of using a PCA? (Patient-controlled analgesia). It allows you a much more accurate dose with 100 times better effect. It means you have to have a small IV access, but the benefits are phenominal! It gives you a constant, measured dose which will work for you at much lower levels, AND it can be programmed for a "booster" dose for times when your pain is somewhat worse. This allows you to function at a more normal level and yet have just enough coverage to delete or greatly decrease your pain. If your doctor isn't aware or willing, you do know that you are the employer. As such, you make the decisions about your care and who works for you....that is, unless you have an HMO. And that only means you have to fight to be the boss. LOL Best of luck and I'm going to say some prayers for you right now. A jump from 60 mg to 80 mg. is too much of a difference. NO wonder you're falling asleep...not to mention that your tolerance level will increase at a more rapid rate. You don't want that if you can help it. Rebecca

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