Re: I'm at my wits end..Help..

From: anonymous (
Sun Feb 2 22:03:56 2003

At Wed, 11 Jul 2001, toni welsh wrote: >
>At Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Bobbi Yates wrote:
>>I have ahd adhesions removed7 times with the last
>>being 2 years ago. I am and have been having them
>>again for the last 6 weeks, I was in the hospital
>>for a week 3 weeks ago and they ran all the tests
>>that I've already had done a dozen times before.
>>I hadn't had a bowel movementfor 8 days they got that
>>cleared partially and sent me home told me if it wasn't
>>better in a week they would go in and remove the adhesions
>>here I am 3 weeks later and still the pain is unbearable.
>>I went to the Dr. today so he could order another cat scan of
>>my abdomen and he also told me he couldn't give me nymore pain medicine
>>because I might get addicted. I've tried to see another surgeon
>>but no one else will touch me. The last ER doctor I saw
>>said hat another Dr. doesn't want to clean up another Dr.s mess
>>an I'm left to live with the mess.Any help that anyone could give me
>>would be so helpful. Please feel free to email me.I'm 37 years old
>>and am tired of livin in this much pain. Today my Dr. had the nerver
>>to tell me to take Tyleol for the pain.
>>Bobbi Yates
>This is exactly where I am at! It took my gyn 12 general surgeons before
>he found one that would be willing to do another surgery on me Now that
>it took that many telling him they will not touch me, I am to scared to
>go through it. But the yn has sent me to pain management clinic, and
>they have me on Trazadone, Oxycontin, and Neurotin for the pain, it has
>been over two years now going to them, and now the meds seem to have
>stopped working. They gave me Fentnyl patch last september. I had
>COMPLETE pain relief but after 24 hours on the patch, it made me very
>sick for days! It is VERY frustrating to get some dr to believe you. My
>gyn does, and pain drs, I think that is it! GI dr seems to not REALLY
>think adhesions cause pain. I had 2 laparptomies within 5 months in 98,
>I do not think I would have been through all that if I was not in pain!!

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