Re: Susie from Karla

Mon Feb 3 05:25:50 2003

Dear Karla:

Yes, it is our family that gives us the strength to go on even when the pain is so bad I just want to give up. When I think of this group I feel as though I am surrounded by angels. When I am at my lowest point and I talk to all of you I feel like the wings of the angels are protecting me and I get a total feeling of joy that is unexplainable. Thank you so much for taking time to care about me. It means the world to me Karla. You have so much to deal with yet you made time to write me. I am going to the doctors this morning about my kidney. I was up again most of the night last night in terrible pain. I feel a little better this morning so I hope that if i did have a stone that it has passed. I will email you when i return this morning.

easy hugs from your friend in south jersey,


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