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Mon Feb 3 14:54:18 2003

Karla is absolutely right about this. The cost for the surgery is roughly $6000-$7000 or so, plus airfare, and at this time of year airfares are dirt cheap. Depending on your insurance, you could spend close to that amount in deductibles and co-pays even for a "covered" operation in the US.

Every so often I think we should remind ourselves why the surgery in Germany is possible and say a "thank you" to the Germans who pay some of the highest taxes in the world. The Germans who decide how much to charge for the surgery only charge for the "marginal cost" of that particular surgery. But it is the German taxpayers who pay for building hospitals and training physicians and nurses. In the case of Dr. Reich, you are getting the same surgeon as you would get in NY or PA, PLUS he can use spray-gel, and the surgery costs a small fraction of what it would cost if Dr. Reich did it in NY or PA.

At Mon, 3 Feb 2003, K Nygren wrote: >
>Sorry no one responded to your questions. SprayGel is only in clinical trials here in the States. I have heard that they aren't accepting any new patients either. They have no idea when it will be approved for use. I would certainly consider going to Germany to either Dr. Kruchinski or Dr. Korell. Total costs are actually cheaper then having surgery in the states. If you want more information just ask. For more information you can visit and go into the message board. From there you can search the archives on anything related to adhesions you can think of. There may be better ways of obtaining this info....I haven't been to the site in quite some time...perhaps others can give you more info.
>Hope this helps.
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cathy :-)

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