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Mon Feb 3 18:22:05 2003

Hi Jamie and welcome to this adhesion site. I have had the HIDA Scan done on me before. It is a test to see the function of the liver. It doesn't hurt, as I recall, and it doesn't even touch your body, I don't think. It basically is a machine that passes over your liver area on your right side and takes pictures. It's kind of like an x-ray. I had mine done a few years ago and so I forget all the details. But I remember that it wasn't a difficult test. Don't worry and you'll do just fine. Why are you having it done? Mine was because I had a bad liver function test with my blood test and so they wanted to see if there was any damage to my liver. I hope that you will stay with us and let us know how it turns out. All my best to are so young. Keep us posted here.

Good luck, Tonya

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> 2-3-03
> Hi, can you tell me all about the Hida Scan? What it's like and
> everything that you know about it? If you could, please email me back I
> have to get this done here shortly. I'm 16 and worried and my mother
> told me to email you when I found this to see if you could give us some
> answers...
> Thank you,
> Jaime Bordeau
> At Sun, 15 Apr 2001, wrote:
> >
> >hi all ,
> >I'm scheduled for all kinds of GI on Tuesday, can anyone tell me if I
> >have to drink barium for a gallbladder sonogram and a HIDA scan?? Just
> >stressing in advance.... barium..gag, better to drik it than the
> >alternative!!!:)
> >
> >thanks
> >kelllyD
> >
> >p.s. I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!!

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