Re: Home from Germany!

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Feb 3 20:30:25 2003

At Mon, 3 Feb 2003, wrote: >
>Hi Everyone,
>My trip to Germany went very well. I have nothing but good things to say
>about the whole experience. As many of you know I had surgery with Dr. Reich
>and Dr. Kruschinski. I had adhesions in all four quadrants of the abdomen,
>small and large bowel involvement, loops and loops of bowel involved. I have
>already experienced some relief , particularly in the pelvis. I am however
>still recovering and it has not been a walk in the park. I saw my paindoc
>today and he thinks much of my upper abdominal pain is intestinal spasms and
>has started me on something that already seems to be helping.......and I am
>working with my diet and hope to work out some ot the bowel difficulties.
>At second look, I was adhesion free....this is very exciting. I hope to stay
>that way. I feel priveledged to have been in the hands of such skilled and
>experienced surgeons. The nurses and Dr. Kruschinski's staff were all very
>kind, helpful and was Dr. Reich.
>I will keep you updated as I progress in my recovery.
>I was so sorry to hear about Karla and her difficult struggles, but
>encouraged by everyones support of her.
>I am not quite up on who all is on their way to Germany,,,,,,,I have some
>catching up to do.....but I am wishing you all a successful trip.
>If I missed thanking anyone of you for your well wishes........Thanks again,
>I appreciated the support so much.
>Your friend,

Oh, April, I'm so happy for you. I know its not easy. You
have to be motivated and there is still some pain and
discomfort because your body has been so ill for so long.
Unfortunately because of the appendicitis my adhesions are back.
But I'm stronger now, I'm going back to Germany, just have to
figure out when. April, dear, give me a call or email me.
My email is so goofed up, sometimes I can access it, other
times not. And the business and personal stuff is all mixed in together.
Oh well, it will work out. I'm happy everything went well. Its
definitely not a walk in the park, but its necessary and blessed
to be able to find a cure and relief and life. Yeah to life. Take
care, Love, Sally

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