MaryLou /Germany/Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Feb 4 11:45:49 2003

Hi everyone, Well, I talked to MaryLou in Germany and she asked me to tell everyone that she is doing fine. It looks like a successful operation. Remember Dr. Kruschinski does not give you opiates after your surgery, so be forwarned. No comforting morphine drip, etc. But after you are over the worst part, and you realize you will have your life back (unless you get appendicitis (LOL I guess, although it is rather bad luck for me)) everything falls into perspective and you are so happy. Blissful actually. The knowledge that you have finally beatten adhesions is incredible. You beam like a ray of sunshine because everyone had told you and you had thought - well its over, no life, or at least a painful, awful life. But there is an answer and it seems to be Dr. Kruschinski in Frankfurt, Germany. MaryLou will be in Germany for a few more weeks as her surgery was different and more complicated than the rest of us who are complicated enough, believe me. Love, Sally

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