Re: PATTI...Re: Addiction vs Tolerance

From: Jenny (
Thu Feb 6 03:38:46 2003

Hey Patti,

Thanks for letting me know that. I feel really stupid now! LOL! Like I said I am a little dingy sometimes, and sometimes alot dingy. It could be the medication or it could be the lack of sleep. My husband always jokes with me and says that he forgives me because I am on medication. My kids have picked up his line. When I say something dingy or off the wall, which is known to happen sometimes after I take my medicine, one of my daughters just says "I love you, Mommy." Well at least they can get a good laugh. Anyway, thanks for letting me know what you meant. I sure do hate those stupid pain scales. I tell the nurse or doctor that everytime they ask me too. How are you supposed to rate that when you are in severe pain all the time? Well, I hope you get some ease.

Hugs, Jenny

> On a scale of 1-10 I feel like the pain is a 25 on that scale. I did not put that correctly before. Hope you understand me now.
>Hugs-prayers & pain free moments to you
>Patti Grey Wolf

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