Re: Cheryl... Difficulty getting bladder adhesion diagnosis...

From: Cheryl (
Thu Feb 6 07:54:14 2003

At Tue, 4 Feb 2003, wrote: >
>I have all the same symptoms that you have and a few more and i was wondering
>if anyone has experienced any of these. I have terrible pain in my ureter
>and kidney when i drink caffiene or tea or coffee especially. The pain is
>terrible and it goes into my kidney. Sometimes a cup of coffee can send me
>to the er. Its not real bad everytime just occassional. If I ever have a
>sip of champagne at a wedding for the toast, that causes terrible pain. I
>was just wondering if anyone could provide some insight to these bizarre
>sypmtoms. Thank you so much.
>easy hugs,
>susie - south jersey

Hey Susie!! No, I have not noticed any specific thing that makes more pain than another. I drink 6 or 7 cups of coffee each morning and tea in the afternoon. Also diet cola in the evening. Allmy pain seems to be real low in the abdomin and back. When I try to urinate it is a very slow flow, just like a trickle. It takes a long time to urinate a little bit. I can't tighten up the muscles to stop or change the flow rate, either. I used to be able to do that.(a few years back) I guess I will be calling my urologist soon as I can tell it is slowing up again. Jenny, You had mentioned that you could urinate real well right after a scope (for about a week) and then it slowed again. I had the very same results with a test about a year ago. That was with a different urologist. With the test last month with a new urologist the flow was only slightly better right after the scope and has now slowed up again. Maybe this Dr. didn't stretch it out as far? I don't have any blood or infections happening and the kidney ultrasound was good. I was wondering if there is a test where they can watch things internally while you urinate and see what exactly is going on? I will ask the Dr. next time I go? I was very sorry to see that Karla was on her way to the ER again. She has been through sooo much and is such a sweet person. She is always in my prayers. I am also saying special ones for Patti Grey Wolf's upcoming surgery and Jessica's little brother Dylan. How terrible for such a little boy to have to start out his life. This disease is so awful for everyone!! Well painfree hugs, kisses and love to all.....Cheryl Cole

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