What are the chances of more serious complications?

From: erika (brynneifer@hotmail.com)
Fri Feb 7 08:15:21 2003

Hi again, its been awhile since I wrote in. My surgeon wants me to go see a GI doctor for some tests. She wants me to have a small bowel follow-through, and a test where they put dye into you to check the blood flow through the bowel. I have a kink in my small bowel she said where its attached to my bladder and abdomen. I told her I did not want anymore surgery, since every time your body is cut it forms more scarring. I have had 2 surgeries already in the pelvis, a hysterectomy, and last- a lapo to remove the last ovary. My fear of anymore surgery and the possibility of a possible bowel resection that she referred to if needed has made up my mind not to have surgery. I hurt off and on, depending on what I eat, and activity. There are times the pain is excruciating, but other times there isn't much pain. I dont want to end up debilitated from more surgeries, and then wish I never had the other surgeries. Does that make sense? She said okay, but there are risks to not having the surgery, and leaving things the way they are. She said bowel obstr, not enough blood flow from the bowel being kinked, or a sorta bowel strangulation thing. She said these are possibilities, but it doesn't mean I will ACTUALLY ever get one. So she wants me to see a GI for studies, and to keep watch since I opted for no further surgery for now- UNLESS I get one of these serious bowel problems, then I would I guess have to have the surgery. What is the likely hood of having future problems leaving things as they are? Did I make the right decision? I am torn. I am only 28- I just want it to go away. Any advice out there?

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