Questions about post-surgery

From: winged phantom (
Fri Feb 7 17:33:07 2003

The date is coming up, and I'm scurrying around, trying to get everything done so my husband will have it easier.... just earning that paycheck, you know. ;) But I have two main questions right now: 1) To try to prevent, or at least to discourage more adhesion formation (and with the use of Seprafilm), should I try to, what... move as little as possible for 1 week? 2 weeks? Any ideas on this anybody?

2) For those of you who use your computer in bed, are you just sitting up and using a laptop? Or do you put your knees up and balance it on your legs? Any thoughts as to when I can get back to the computer?

I want to do this from the adhesion-discouraging perspective. Right now, I find myself gorging on fast food as if I'll never get to eat it again. This is disgusting! lol But the colonoscopy went well yesterday; I don't think the GI guy saw anything unusual from the inside. The best part was waking up and feeling no pressure on my abdomen. I cried, it felt so good. I had visions of putting my slacks on and having them fall down around my ankles! But it was only temporary; maybe it was just the anesthetic. They used diprovan, which is used on babies, and is stronger than versed; it puts you down deeper so you don't feel the pressure when trying to navigate the adhesions.

Gotta run for now... wr

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