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From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Feb 12 12:39:59 2003

X> Pelvic Michael P. Diamond, M.D.

* Pathophysiology of Adhesion Development

* Staging of Adhesions

* Surgery or Assisted Reproductive Techniques? ... Getting into the abdomen: Laparoscopy versus Laparotomy ... Surgery inside the abdomen: 1.) Microsurgery; 2.) Laser Endoscopic Surgery

* Value of Second-Look Laparoscopy (SLL)

* Adjuvants for adhesion reduction ... Fibrinolytic agents ... Anticoagulants ... Anti-inflammatory Agents ... Antibiotics ... Mechanical Separation (surface separation, hydroflotation) ... 1.) Intra-abdominal instillates ... 2.) Barriers

* Conclusion

" Pelvic adhesion development after gynecological operations and their reformation after adhesiolysis still, up until now, a problem that presents itself in the form of infertility, pelvic pain and/or intestinal obstruction."

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