I need help please. I am getting really worried

From: Fragmidas@aol.com
Thu Feb 13 07:38:43 2003

Good morning friends:

I hate to bother all of you but i need some advice. Recently, over the last few weeks i have started to feel buring in my stomach all the time, kind of started out as hunger pains like i was hungry all of the time and then when i eat my stomach burns. The burning has been getting worse, my stomach is very bloated and now, this morning when i had a cup of tea i felt this terrible burning and then i felt like i was going to be sick. I took some pepto bismol which usually helps but i didnt help and now i feel like im going to get sick again. can someone please help me figure this out. Is it possible to have a bowel blockage and still go to the bathroom. I only go a little bit because of the medication and most of the time I go for three days and then i dont go for two. i thought i was gaining weight so i have been on a diet for the past week eating alot of fruit and drinking alot of water and tea. Im thinking maybe all the acid from the tea and oranges isnt helping but i just dont know. If you could help me i would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you all and easy hugs too,

Susie - south jersey

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