Re: Adhesions/Back to Germany/Sally Grigg

From: Sally Grigg (
Thu Feb 13 11:52:16 2003

At Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Robin M wrote: >
>Dear Sally,
>I am sorry to hear that your adhesions are back and that you are in pain
>again. Do you think it is directly related to the apendix rupture and
>surgery or, do you think reformation of adhesions where you had them
>removed have returned? I pray that you will have a safe trip back to
>Germany. Please let us know when you are planning on returning & your
>surgery date so that we can all send extra prayers for you.
>love & prayers
>robin M
>At Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Sally Grigg wrote:
>>Well, my adhesions came back. That XZQXZQ adhesions.It gets worse
>>everyday. Feels like someone has their fist in there and is squeezing
>>as hard as they
>>can. Anyway, I'm going to Germany ASAP. Not exactly a place to go with
>>world situation, but the sooner the better, I think. I'm going from
>>spring to
>>winter, I wish Dr. Kruschinski would move his clinic to a South Sea
>>Much more fun. Wish me luck. Love and prayers for you all. Sally Grigg

Dear Robin, I'm sure it is the appendectomy. I'll be operated on the
21st. Can't write much, pain too bad. Love, Sally

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