Re: Lonely SBS

Thu Feb 13 20:46:04 2003

Dear Sister in Christ, In Gods Holy Anger, the Vail was torn from top to bottom as His only begotten Son hung on the cross for all of mankind. Gods Anger was driven because even though man watched as He Hung on the Cross in our place, there was no one that would turn to Him in their time of need. The Vail was torn in the symbolism of ridding mankind of the old sacrificial system so that we could turn to The One and Only Holy God when our problems are too much for us to bear. When we are in the Hosital, God is there. When we are in troubled spirits, God is there. When we cannot pay our bills, God is there. When we are so far down that we just cannot seem to pick ourselves up, God is there. When we are in so much pain that we do not feel like praying, God is there. In our car, during the storms of life, in our pain, at work, wherever we are, God is there just waiting for us to turn to him, so that we can confess our weaknesses in our faith, or in our daily walk with Him so that he can hear our prayers and answer them according to the desires of our heart. I know that the greatest desire of your heart is that your Grandson be healed from the top of his head, to the bottom of his feet, and God is right beside you, waiting for you to ask Him to heal your grandson and to turn your heart to Him and pray without ceasing. Many persons have read the passage in first Thesselonions and they do not realize that it is not a suggestion, but rather a command from God that we pray without ceasing. I feel your worries in the words that you wrote and I will fill the gap and pray for your grandson, but when you decide that worrying will do no good, pray with all ferverency and I truly beleive that God will heal your grandson. May God Always bless you and May He Always hear your prayers. In His Love...........Dave

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