Re: ( 2. ) Bev's Story about her adhesiolysis....April 22, 1999 April again

Thu Feb 13 22:14:11 2003

Hi Karen,

That is so interesting at the time of your surgery with your gallbladder. They dealt with it then and there. If my problems turn out to be gallbladder, I spoke with Dr. Reich. .........I would then have Redan or Gerhardt do it........I sure don't want to start the adhesion mess all over after going to Germany......and this is what Dr. Reich recommended. I just hope I dont end up in an emergency situation here at the local ER.;;;;so I can get to Penn. I'm in Michigan........Penn is a little closer than Germany.......LOL Would love to hear from you in the hospital if your up to it. Wishing nothing but the best for you! Your friend, April

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