Re: ( 2. ) Bev's Story about her adhesiolysis....April 22, 1999 April again

From: Karen Steward (
Fri Feb 14 06:26:44 2003

April, Just a daughter had pain up high also--at her last surgery she asked the doctor to check that area--her liver was fused with adhesions to her ribcage--he removed them all in a 30 minute procedure--very tedious work. She has not had the pain in that area since. K -------Original Message------- From: Date: Thursday, February 13, 2003 10:43:33 PM To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Re: ( 2. ) Bev's Story about her adhesiolysis....April 22, 1999 April again Hi Karen, Thanks so much for the info. This led me to some research on the sphincter of oddi. My pain is high in the middle between the rib cage, it can spread out under my ribs, and sometimes my back kills me going straight thru to the back,,gets worse with eating and sometimes activity. I am on some anti spasm meds that seem to be helping. They think it is bowel spasms, very well could be my surgery with Dr. Reich and Dr. Kruschinski went very well, no adhesions up high, mine were midline to pelvis, small and large bowel involved. I spoke with Dr. Reich, his quess is intestinal spasms or gallbladder. I had a Hida scan and ultra sound a year I will give this more time. But I understand that you can have dysfunction of the sphincter and still have your gallbladder. Thank you, I learned alot from you and am still researching. I sure hope they can find the problem and relieve you of your pain. Its nice to hear of your last successful surgery with Dr. Reich, I know he sure helped me with my other half. Stay strong and when you are doing well enough, drop a line please. Your friend, April

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