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Dr. Gerhart wrote me again after I answered a couple of his questions, and since I've only had laparoscopies (5 in all) he said it is quite unusual for me to have this many problems. He said it will be very interesting to see what the actual reports say that my surgeons saw inside. I had never had surgery on or around my liver at the time that they took out my gallbladder, and yet my doctor found numerous huge adhesions on my liver. Now they are on my right kidney (I can feel a pulling and tearing when I have to pee, just on the right side tho) so I am very interested and so is he to see what's going on inside of this old bod. Well, it feels old to me. I live in Idaho. I am going to get my paperwork together this week and fax them over the copies and copies of my insurance cards and see what they say. Thanks for the responses. I know it's tough when you have had many surgeries. I'm kind of looking forward to this one tho. I know that at least I will have a better chance than I've had in the past. I'll keep you posted with what's going on. I just want this damn pain to end!

Love and hugs and prayers, Tonya

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I'm sure he can help you as he has helped me. Good luck with your Medicare issue. What state do you live in for your Medicaide? I was thinking, if I did not have the money to give to DR Reich as he was the only one I had to pay, I was going to get crafts together to raise the money for the surgery. As I sure had enough time @ home to get a bunch together LOL. Good luck & keep me posted. As for me posting so fast after surgery. Unfortunately I am a pro when it comes to recovering from surgeries. I have had one every year or every other year since 1966. & all were laparotomies not laprascopic. I try to get back to the small things right away & then the heavy stuff once I am cleared to do so. I am hoping that I can get back to exercising as I am definitely out of shape from not being able to anything before. I am even thinking about going back to school for Health Care Management. It can't hurt to get further in that part of the health system that I work for, as I may be able to better educate both patients & the doctors on ARD issues.

Hugs-prayers & pain free moments to you!!!!!!!!

Patti Grey Wolf

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