From: S. N. (gosue@ez-net.com)
Tue Feb 18 21:08:44 2003


This is Karla's mother with a message from her.

She asks me to tell you all that she is still in the hospital and will likely be there for another 10 to 14 days. They are going to try another wonder drug to see if that will get rid of the bacteria that is still lurking in her bloodstream. This must be done in the hospital by IV.

Actually, she looks and feels pretty good. At least her appetite has returned, so I try to bring her something she likes every night when we go to see her.

She would love to hear from you all and said you can send mail to her at the same address as before.

She also said to tell you she is trying to get her hands on a laptop so she can talk to you all.

Oh yes, another message. She asks that someone please put her e-mail in digest mode or turn it off if you can.

If any of you wish to contact me with messages or questions please feel free to do so. I appreciate the friendship and love you have for her.

Love, Karla's Mom,


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