Hi To You All...Sorry ive missed so much.

From: Tish (CookieTish@aol.com)
Wed Feb 19 16:35:25 2003

Hi to you all.. I am praying that this finds you all fairly comfy. I am sorry it has been so long since i have posted but so many things have kept me away..i have been from surgeon to surgeon to Dr and have to see another surgeon on Thursday , they are considering putting a basket or screen in my vena-cava to prevent any blood clots from traveling out of my legs and on to more dangerous areas. I am now giving my self injections of Lovenox a heparin type of med to thin my blood..along with my coumadin too...and im taking Celexa too now Th Dr hopes that it will relieve my hot flashes a little since they took my hormone replacements away because of the risk factor of blood clots during Hormone replacement therapy...of anyone knows anything to help with the hot flashes ..please please share it with me..they are awful and they happen about once per hour right now YUCK! I just want you to all know that i keep on praying for each and eery one of you when im not here posting too.

To Karla..im so glad you are once again out of ICU and you are in my thoughts and Prayers constantly. Patti Grey Wolf..i was happy to see you came through surgery well..and you are in my prayers and thoughts too.

Sally Grigg and Carolyn i will light a candle and send up tons of prayer for you both during your surgeries..i hope these will be your last!

Linda Garcia..Thanks for keeping up with me in email..you are a sweet heart..always in my heart and im always praying for you as well.

Dave im so glad to see your feeling well enough to post..ive missed you and will talk to you soon..hope we can catch each other soon.

Helen..Thank You for your ever abundant wealth of info..i will certainly be reading all i can as i am still in bed..God Bless You for all you do.

Cindy you get back as soon as you can we need you and miss you here..and i love you dearly!

Welll anyone i missed ..forgive me ok i will be going through all of the posts that ive missed now and will do my best to put in my 2 cents worth wherever its is warranted ...if i can help anyone ..please dont hesitate to ask.. And as always i am praying for everyone here..and also praying for Dr Wiseman and Tracy Joslin and everyone who makes this site possible. Love and Hugs to all.. Tish

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