Message Board Guideline Reminder

From: Tracy [IAS Administrator] (
Fri Feb 21 08:38:32 2003

Dear Members & Visitors to the IAS Message Board,

Thank you for taking time to visit our message board. While you are here, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to make this a great place for everyone here:

1. For your safety, please do not post your home/work physical address or your home/cell/work phone numbers at anytime.

2. When posting - be sure your subject line is descriptive. Help or Urgent does not tell someone what you are needing nor will an urgent message be answered in only a few minutes after posting. Please remember, all information posted will be available in our archives for anyone on the internet to read at any time. If you are pending any litigation regarding your medical treament (past/present), please do not post any of the details to the message board. We cannot go back months later and delete your messages if you have any concerns of what you may have said.

3. Marketing of products or services, either related to the IAS or not, is not allowed. From time to time, either Dr. Wiseman, the IAS Administrator or one of our Support Group Coordinators will post websites of interest to our members and visitors. We also ask that requests for monies for (or related to) fundraising efforts not be made for any reason.

4. Please do not forward chain emails - touting virus warnings, pass it on messages that say you'll have good things happen if you do, or related. Did you know, that sometimes just by forwarding the email to tell you about the virus - you are actually spreading the virus! Often times these things are just a hoax, if it is an important virus - there will be national news about it. [I spent 14 years in the software world). Also - please do not include the message board in your bulk email address list for jokes, greeting cards, etc.

5. Do not use the message board to point fingers/blame in response to what someone has said, provide hateful or political messages or participate in a "virtual war of words". If your message contains the words "I know who you are" or "you know who you are" -- it will be deleted.

6. We ask that if you have any problems with messages that are posted - please notify Tracy Joslin at

This Board is intended for our members and visitors to ask/answer questions and provide insight in to treatment and living with Adhesions and ARD. While these messages are not monitored before everyone sees them, we are making efforts to strictly enforce the rules of the Board.

The IAS reserves the right at anytime to pull offending or suspicious messages as deemed necessary. We will also directly contact the person who sent the email. Repeated need for this type of action will ultimately result in the individual not being allowed to post to our site.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Tracy Joslin
IAS Administrator

Neither the IAS, Synechion, Dr. Wiseman or any other representative offers medical advice. Always consult a qualified medical professional.

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