Re: Another successful adhesiolysis in PA with Dr. Redan and Dr. Gerhart

From: Robin M (
Sat Feb 22 11:10:40 2003

Dear Karen, I am happy to hear the great news!! I will continue to pray that you stay adhesion pain free & that your recovery will be fast. robin M

At Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Karen Carter wrote: >
>Hi Everyone,
>I am just back from PA from having adhesiolysis on Thursday, Feb. 20th.
>surgery went wonderful. It took about 1 1/2- 2 hours and the Dr.'s
>lysed a very
>minimal amount of adhesions. I had had pain where my gall bladder used
>to be and I was very confident that I had adhesions there, I was right.
>They also lysed a few adhesions in my pelvic region. I now have no more
>pulling and tugging pain in the gall bladder region. The only pain I
>have is surgical and some uncomfortability. Otherwise I feel very good.
>Dr. Redan and Dr. Gerhart are the best here in the States as far as I
>am concerned. This was my second time going to PA for a successful
>I am sure Patti Grey Wolf would agree with me on that and I hope she is
>doing well from her surgery just over one week ago. I pray for everyone
>and wish you all pain free days ahead.
>God Bless.
>Karen Carter

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