Re: Post op complications hysterectomy

From: Tish (
Sat Feb 22 20:32:55 2003

Dear Angie, Just a note to mention that, when i was 6 weeks post op from my Hysterectomy,i started having huge lesions appear on my incision...then they started popping up other places..just over and over and over again...all in all i think i had 13 of these horrid things..which each was drained and the fluid tested and of course all of them turned out to be staph..and every single time i would have a a round of vancomycin, but along about the 4th or fifth round of these lesions, the Dr who i was seeing in the ER ...lanced 2 lesions this day and drained them and cleaned them out really well , and low and behold in the first one which was about the size of a small lemon the Dr pulled out little wad which turned out to be 23 inches of suture material hmm. Of course we couldnt blame the suture string for the repeated staph infections but it certainly made me wonder what else managed to get in to that incision the day of my Hysterectomy. Eventually they got all of this mess cleaned up and the lesions stopped...some Drs called them incisional abcesses some called them lesions etc, Then after i had my first adesiolysis they started treating me right off the bat with vancomycin while i was in the hospital and tetracycline when i went home..and so i had only 2 of the little lesions pop up about 3 weeks post op . and then they did the same thing after my second adhesion surgery...and then i had none but to this incisions from the Hyst and the 1st adhesion surgery..are super tender and really bumpy and just really gross looking...msotly because of all of the little cuts from the lesions i guess...I have had nothing but misery since i had that darn Hysterectomy..booo. Anyway i sure hope you get treated soon and get rid of this mess...i know you too must be suffering terribly. God Bless You Hugs and Love Tish

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