Re: I am back from Germany from mary lou (formerly known as 'desperate')!

From: Robin M (
Sun Feb 23 07:00:16 2003

Dear Mary Lou I am happy you are doing well. Glad you are home with a possitive outlook. I will continue to pray you are adhesion pain free and you will continue to heal properly. love & prayers robin M

At Sat, 22 Feb 2003, wrote: >
>Dear all,
>I too am back from Germany. Just before I departed there, I went to see
>Carolyn who was one day post-op and doing very well (no adhesion pain),
>and Sally Greigg was in the OR). I am exhausted from the 12 hour flight
>home, every seat on the plane filled and half of them with crying
>babies. I am sore and swollen from my surgery, but the adhesion pain is
>GONE! I walked all over the town every day, helped out my various
>roomates, took no narcotics at all after surgery, with only one bad day
>of post-op pain. My biggest complaint is that I have to wear a very
>tight bra 24 hours a day for three months. going to Germany to get this
>usrgery by Dr. Krushinski was worth a million dollars!!! It was a
>wonderful experience which I hope all of you can figure out the same for
>getting there yourselves. Yes, it is expensive, but the cure rate is
>very high and after you get back, eventually you can return to work.
>More later, mary lou
>At Mon, 17 Feb 2003, Sally Grigg wrote:
>>Well, here I go again. I'm scared of course. Wish it were over with.
>>But I know I'm lucky to be able to go and I'm lucky that there is some
>>who can help me. So back to Germany, and Dr. Kruschinski's great skill,
>>and gasless laproscopic surgery and sraygel barrier. I'll be well soon.
>>still feel better now than I did after all those years of pain and
>>getting weaker and weaker. I feel strong and like I'm finally going to
>>beat these
>>damm adhesions. LOL I'll email you all when I get back and am on my
>>feet. With all my love, Sally Grigg
>mary lou

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