Re: Those who went to Germany~unanswered question?

From: Jeannie Quinn (
Mon Feb 24 19:50:29 2003

Oh sweety, you did convince me that that is the best way to go, you honestly did, and I still read all your mail and have formed a folder for a collection to take with me to the pain clinic on my next visit. You guys have been simply wonderful. I would never imagine that I could get so much positive information and how detailed it is, right down to landing at the airport. You are to be blessed my angel and please keep up the good work. It is just that I am in a financila position right now that is not right, and I want to make sure of my test results before I jump the gun although I have already been told by more than one doctor that it is adhesian related. I hate taking this morphine patch. Please please keep in touch and I will let you know the results of my tests when they come in..... -------Original Message------- From: Date: Monday, February 24, 2003 12:49:54 To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Re: Those who went to Germany~unanswered question? Thank you, Clare, for calling attention to Jeannie's message!!
I did send a lot of information to her---but was unsuccessful in convincing
Jeannie that her best chance to become adhesion-free and pain-free is with
the surgeons in Germany...whether at Duisburg, Germany with Dr. Matthias
Korell or at Frankfurt, Germany with Dr. Harry Reich and/or Dr. Daniel
As of January 2002 (more than a year ago!!) I continue to be adhesion-free
and free of adhesion-caused pain.  Dr. Korell's laparoscopic skill and
experience ... SprayGel Adhesion Barrier and Intergel ... a Second Look
Laparoscopy...ALL of these played a very important part in the success of my
adhesiolysis.  Another vital factor has been MY determination to do whatever
was/is necessary to regain my health!!
Both Lisa Graven and Dawn Rose have had successful adhesiolysis procedures
at Frankfurt, Germany.  In addition to the adhesion-prevention measures that
I was fortunate enough to have, Lisa and Dawn benefited from an additional
adhesion-prevention technique, Gasless invention of Dr.
Kruschinski's and available ONLY at Frankfurt.
Most importantly:  NONE OF THE ABOVE are offered in either the United States
or Canada!!!
Love, Helen D.
Please scroll down to read the messages from Lisa and Dawn.
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X>> At Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Lisa wrote:

I emailed Jeannie personally, but never heard back from her.......
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X>> At Mon, 24 Feb 2003, clareS wrote:
Hi everyone:
I'm not sure if this question from Jeannie Quinn has been answered.  If not,
would someone who's been to Germany help her...I'd try, but I'd probably get
the facts wrong (as to the cost, etc.)
Thanks so much :o)
Wishing you all pain free moments, hours and days.
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X>> At Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Jeannie Quinn wrote:

Please tell me more and how I can get this help. suffering now for 10 years.
I don't have a life

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X>> At Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Dawn wrote:

Hello all, I have missed you. I am thrilled to report I have been the
recipient of a miracle. Pain free, adhesion free, no more diapers, no more
catherizing, no more cane!  I left for Frankfurt rather suddenly - and took
my chance when it presented itself.

This is no miracle for Dr. Kruschkinski, it is his job and his passion.  The
combination of his surgical skill, gasless lap, second look and SprayGel are
THE winning combination and your best chance on earth to get your life back.

Remember no doctor would touch me and would never answer my question, " What
s to become of me?"

Terry and Mary Lou have had this miracle as well - and I just met Carolyn
and her husband before I came home.  Ah yes I can eat again and with gusto
and we shared a lovely lunch together.  We all agreed we have never had such
tender and more profesional care.  We were treated as family. I could go on
and on.  
I offer my services to anyone who needs information or needs to have some
fears allayed about taking this option to get your life back.  I have my
life back and my biggest problem now is what to do with it!!  I never hoped
for or expected this. I wish this for you all.  Much Love, Dawn
~ ~ ~ ~

X>> At Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Lisa Graven wrote:

Dawn,  I couldn't have said it better!!  I'm so happy to hear you have your
life back!!  It really does seem like the miracle, we dared not hope for,
doesn't it?  I'm thrilled that you and all the others that have gone to
Frankfurt have had the same wonderful experience, and amazing outcome that I

I'm sure you can see why I get excited when I hear from people wanting
information on going to Frankfurt!! It is SO WORTH the money and the worries
about traveling to another country for surgery, don't you think?  It is the
BEST chance we have! 
Although some of us continue to have some problems, we can rest assurred
that it is NOT because of adhesions,
there are other things going on.

Continue to take it easy, I know it's hard because you want to jump back
into your life!  But you have been through an awful lot, and it's going to
take some time to heal.  So please remember that and take care of yourself!!

Best wishes and enjoy your new life!  I'm sure your daughter is thrilled to
have her Mom back, I couldn't be happier for you!!


I'm no doctor, just a fellow sufferer like you but I hope you consider  me a
new friend.


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