Looking Good, Feeling Rotten: Invisible Illnesses

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Wed Feb 26 19:14:26 2003

X> Looking Good, Feeling Rotten: Invisible Illnesses


" You have to believe in yourself, because the world isn't going to believe in you. Doctors will sometimes doubt your symptoms, and so may your mother or your boss. Don't blame yourself; acknowledge that your symptoms are real."

" Keep in mind that just as you need to grieve the loss of your former self, your loved ones are going through a grief process too, Taylor says. "They want you to be the same person you've always been, and you're not. Even though you may not look the same, or be able to do the same things, don't put yourself down. Remember that who you are goes beyond your identity as a worker and a doer."

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