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From: Shannon Worrell (
Thu Feb 27 21:02:38 2003

At Thu, 28 Nov 2002, Ellen Cecchetti wrote: >
>Doing a search regarding pelvic massage used for infertilty I found this
>message. I have had surgeries to alleviate pelvic adhesions, the third
>surgery resulting in an ectopic pregnancy in 1998, leading to a 4th
>I am really interested in hearing more about this therapeutic
>intervention, and
>would consider participating in a research study.
>At Fri, 28 Jan 2000, Tina Shelby wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I just got something from Clear Passages in Florida about treatment of
>>adhesions and infertility with physical therapy. Treatment consists of
>>physical therapy and massage to address pelvic adhesions, pain and poor
>>organ function. In the process of providing this type of PT they are showing
>>a 50% success rate in reversing infertility with women are infertile due to
>>adhesion, blocked tubes, mechanical, or unknow causes. They stress that the
>>clinical studies are ongoing, no scientific studies prove that their
>>treatment reduces infertility. They add that the their oldest successful
>>infertility reversal was 41-year-old patient after 11 hours of therapy and
>>the lowest number was 5 treatment hours before achieving a successful
>>full-term pregnancy.
>>They also note that patients with pain complaints tend to notice positive
>>changes quickly, often within the first few treatments.
>>They have gotton some national press and are now looking for patients for
>>the research study. If you would like more information, they will send you
>>what they mailed me. Included was the research article, in interview with a
>>radio station, pateint questionnaire, magazine articles that talk about
>>their conservative treatment, a pamplet that describes adhesions/treatment
>>and a letter about the research.
>>Just let me know and I will send you their address. I will add again, that I
>>have not tried this approach so I can not tell you of a personal experience.
>>I know that some have had very good experiences.
>Ellen Cecchetti

I would be veary interested in the massages and where to get them
or how to do them your self . I live in the middle of know where.

Shannon Worrell - Dillon MT

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