Another Dr with the gift to shoot you down.

From: Robin M (
Wed May 7 01:59:00 2003

In March, I went to a new DR that my insurance company found for me, since my PCP and I are out of options. She told me she would write a letter to the insurance co to get me back to Germany for surgery with spray gel used for humanitarian reasons. I waited to hear from them to see what they had to say. My PCP has refered me to Germany before, but the insurance people have turned her down. We thought that since this was a surgeon that they sent me to, they would be more willing to listen to her. I finally called since I had not heard anything. The letter was never recieved. Yesterday, I called the Dr & later was called back, saying she sent the letter. Well, I called the insurance to see what I should do now. I called the Dr back & left a message. This surgeon Dr that took over 3 months to get an appointment with called me back. She said that was not her area and could not write the letter and that we must have gotten our wires crossed, because that is not something she would do. My hubby was with me & he heard her say she would write the letter. She did refere me to another dr, but at my appointment, I found out I was seeing a different DR all together. Now, she is recomending another Dr to me. I am just so upset with Drs right now. Starting with the first DR that did my 1st c-section on me. He never told me that I would have to have repeat c-sections because I had one. He never told me that I could get adhesions from it. I am so tired of Drs pulling the rug out from underneath me and my insurance co giving me the run around. I am told that they wont cover the surgery in Germany because spray gel is not FDA approved. But, the nuerontin that I was put on and they paid for is not approved for pain management. It is an anti seizure medication. I am just so depressed over this situation and the life the Drs have left me to live. I am just not sure what I would do if I wasn't scheduled for surgery with DR Korell and spray gel. I am tired of the run around that I get (I know others are going through the same thing). I wish there was some type of revenge I could get on these Drs. Well, I guess, the best revenge is getting well. Right now, the Euro is down, so that means it is going to cost more for the surgery. That is also frustrating. I hope it will go up before I go. I am just worn out from not sleeping well even though I use sleeping pills. The whole situation is making my depression worse, so I have a harder time dealing with everything. Thank you for letting me ramble on. It helps to talk about it. love & prayers to all robin M

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