The Continueing saga Of why brandi feels like Yucky;

From: Brandi (
Wed May 7 09:07:18 2003

Ok 6 days since surgery and i feel like the rear end of a camel......... I forced myself out of bed this morning thinking if I had to spend one more day in bed I would go bannanas...........So far I have thrown up, and now am waiting to regain enough strength to get back in the truck and go home........ I called me docter and asked a few questions, not to seem like a huge wuss, but there are some things going on .....I asked the general questions like how long do I have to go thru this?? and should still be bleeding..Of course the nurse said she dint know she dint have my chart? and I felt like a wuss cause they wanted to know if I wanted to come in? Am I just being a big Wuss???

Brandi Lyn Lee

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