carbon dioxide info!

From: Karen Steward (
Mon Jun 2 23:13:46 2003

Hi, I have some interesting information to share concerning the effects of carbon dioxide. As many know, Dr. Kruschinski uses the AbdoLift system when performing surgery to avoid the known troublesome causing effects that CO2 leaves behind!! One known problem is shoulder pain. Many times surgeons will prepare the patient for the expected shoulder pain--however do they explain WHY you will have the shoulder pain? CO2 is also a known contributor of adhesion formation! Please take time to read this informative article! It seems the AbdoLift technique is catching on..........patients are becoming educated....... we should expect only the BEST when succumbing to surgery! ARD is a debilitating condition that needs specific treatment by an informed surgeon that takes into consideration ALL factors that will bring health and healing to the patient. Many ARD patients have surgery over and over again--but never become well~ My daughter was worse after both US surgeries. She developed adhesion pain in areas she had not had problems before! Had I known she was at risk for MORE adhesions, we would have never agreed to surgery!! I am more than THRILLED to report she is WELL after our trip to Germany and her surgery with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski. Many days I am overcome with emotion. I still cannot believe it is true.....she is WELL!! Best wishes to you all, Karen

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