From: K.Q. (
Sun Oct 12 09:30:26 2003

Has anyone tried taking this supplement and/or know that it has been proven to help dissolve adhesions??? I have them so bad that they are causing problems from head to toe with all the pulling they are doing, I've had sixteen surgeries that have caused all this. I am presently being evaluated for thoracic outlet syndrome and porphyoria, because of numbness down both my arms, I am fearful of another operation (to remove cervical ribs or to open the outlet area a bit more, I fear more scar tissue will build up there and cause even more problems, I have Lupus and think that it has something to do with the reason why I produce such massive scaring, I have huge balls of fibrous adhesions covering my intestines and connecting my internal organs so they have very little mobility.

The only, and minimal relief I have had is from a myofascial release specialist, it truly helped and she taught me how to continue to gently treat myself, but I'd really like to have them removed. Ten years ago when I had microsurgery for tubal reconstruction because of adhesions caused by an ovarian cyst removal the MD injected steroids and then followed up with injections two or three days thereafter, I didn't have any problems after this....why don't they continue to operate this way? My gastro wiill not scope for fear of perforation, only prescribed a syrup that causes a lot of gas pressure without relief.....I have high hopes for Serrapeptase, but would like some feedback from experienced trialers. Or, information on any product(s) that dissolve, breakdown, etc. scar tissue. Thank you for your time!

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