adhesions and constipation

From: bosco (
Tue Jan 13 16:45:15 2004

Has anyone developed bowel adhesions following pelvic surgery that has resulted in severe, chronic constipation? If so, I would like your input. I am a 36-year old female and had a laporoscopy for fertility about a year ago. I previously had a laporoscopy (for mild endometriosis) in 1995 with a quick recovery and very mild adhesions. No serious problems. My recent surgery was supposed to be a simple procedure but the doctor did a laproscopic myomectomy in the process (removal of a uterine fiboid). The surgery took 3 hours and much of the work was done on the lower left side of the uterus. An adhesion barrier was placed where the fibroid was removed to make sure that the uterus did not adhere to the back of the bowel (not sure if this worked). About 6 weeks after surgery, I developed constipation that has progressively gotten worse over the past year (particularly in the area of the sigmoid colon). Things seem to be getting backed up in this area which produces distension and a lot of pain. Have tried numerous meds for constipation including Zelnorm, Miralax, Lactulose and Senekot. Senekot worked but overstimulated the bowel so I had to go off. Now trying a combination of fiber,low dose milk of magnesia and Miralax in the hopes of regulating things. Have had numerous GI tests to determine the problem: regular x-ray, upper GI, small bowel series, lower GI, colonoscopy, CAT scan, etc. All were normal except regular x-ray showed that things were backing up in the sigmoid colon. GI specialist thinks I may have scar tissue but won't recommend surgery unless there is a blockage. Does this sound like adhesions? I have noticed a pulling feeling after BMs and high fiber seems to increase the distension and pain (unlike before surgery). Am having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I may have to take laxatives for the rest of my life and this cannot be fixed. Any recommendations?

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