To Laura: undergoing pelvic adhesiolysis 1/19

From: International Adhesions Society (
Tue Jan 13 20:34:49 2004

From: KellieSent: Sunday, January 11, 2004 9:47 PM Subject: Re: To Laura: undergoing pelvic adhesiolysis 1/19


Hello there. I read your story and thought I was reading about myself. I have also had a full hysterectomy and many more surgeries to get rid of adhesions and endometriosis. I am also swollen to about 6 months pregnant and in so much pain. AS you said about ER, they have done the same with me. Drinking stuff cuz of my supposable constipation and enemas left me ill for long time. And if you go for pain relief they think your an addict. They have these little charts in the rooms that ask you to rate your pain and not to suffer alone, to let them know. They just dont want to hear it is all. They even told me I might have Crohns disease or IBS. Yet the colonoscopys and MRI never showed anything, as well as the special ultrasounds. So they relaeased me with a " I dont Know". I also KNOW my body and it feels the same as it did before my surgeries. I just had to reach out to you to let you know that you are not alone. I know this website has helped me trmemndously and Ive only been here a week. It let me know that Im not crazy and thaere are other women going thru the ame thing. Not that it made me feel better to know others are suffering, but it helped me realize that many doctors have no understanding of what we go thru and do not listen. If it isnt in their textbook detail for detail, that they say it cant be. Anyway, I am also in the same pain, making it hard to even get out of bed. I wish you luck, I really do. I am finding a new doctor. Follow your heart and if your doctor isnt doing what they are suppose to, which is help you, than find another. Im willing to travel wherever. Good Luck!! Kellie

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