Re: undergoing pelvic adhesiolysis 1/19

From: Chris (
Tue Jan 13 20:40:21 2004

Hi, My story started out with a cyst on my ovary that I was going to have removed. To make a long story short, my simple laparoscopy turned into a laparotomy due to stage 4 endometriosis and adhesions. I had so many adhesions the doctor couldn't find my organs. So, they had to switch the surgery to open surgery in order to give me full treatment. Anyway, I had many bowel problems before this surgery. I didn't put two and two together until much later, but all my bowel problems dissappeared after this surgery. Two years later all the problems returned, only worse. Right now I am in constant pain and can barely eat anything whithout severe consequences. I went to an endochrinologist who did a lap on me and he said that I, again, have very dense adhesions which have all my organs stuck together, including my bowels. He said he didn't separate them because he was afraid he would puncture my bowels. SO HE LEFT ME THAT WAY! Anyway, I then went back to my gyno who performed the first surgery, and he said that in order to treat me he would have to cut me open again and cutting me open again would then cause more adhesions. Then he told me that I pretty much have to try to live this way until I can't possibly live this way anymore. Meaning I get obstructed! They want me to sit around and suffer until I get a complete obstruction and end up with emergency surgery with whatever doctor I happen to end up with?! No thank you! It was then that I got on the Internet and started checking out all these message boards and doing some investigating. I truely believe that what my doctor said is right. But that's not the final answer. Yes, my doctor is not qualified to help me. But there is a very few doctors that I think can. I know you must have read about Dr. Harry Reich by now. I haven't been there yet, but I have an appointment on January 22nd. From what I've read about him he is capable of helping people like us laparoscopically. He hasn't resorted to cutting someone open in 16 years! And, believe me, I've been cut open, and that's no picnic to recover from. If you are interested you can read more about him on [urls deleted] You will find it very interesting. It talks all about how he does the surgery and why it works. There's also more info on him at and in the endometriosis forum on I know this is long but hopefully it will help someone. I will keep everyone posted on how everything goes for me. Good luck!

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