surgery for adhesions & bowel problems?

From: bosco (
Thu Jan 15 08:30:47 2004

Hello, all. I could use some advice. My GI doctor feels that I have developed bowel adhesions (around the area of the sigmoid/lower left colon) following a laproscopic myomectomy (removal of a fibriod). See my post from yesterday morning for the full story. It's been 15 months since my surgery and I have severe, chronic constipation that requires a high dose of laxatives to get things moving. If things don't continue to move, I experience distension in the area of colon and a lot of cramping, intermittant, wave -like pain after eating. It feels as though something is constricted and cannot expand like it should. I've also noticed that increasing my fiber makes the cramping worse. I'm terrified that this could develop into an obstruction over time and am debating if I should ask my doctor about pursuing adhesion surgery to correct the problem. I've had two laporoscopies in my lifetime - one minor and the second for the myomectomy. I've never had an open surgery. Is there any chance that a second look laporoscopy and adhesion removal could help? I've heard such horrible stories about surgery making things worse, but am wondering if there is hope that surgery could make things better - at least so I could regain normal bowel function. Second question: My GI doc wants to run a colon transit study to determine if things are getting stuck in that area of my colon. I'm terrified because I'll need to go off all laxatives for 7 days prior and 7 days during the test. This could cause a lot of pain if things get backed up and I'm worried about something rupturing if things are constricted. Any suggestions on how to get through this without getting an obstruction?

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