Re: surgery for adhesions & bowel problems?

From: D & A (
Fri Jan 16 07:33:29 2004

hi i know how you feel i went to see a new dr and told me that he see how bad it is just by feeling and read my last operation report they had to stitch my bowel it was so thin he told me unless its in direr need not to do surgery .and he up my oxycotion to 80 mg 3 times a day which seems to help a bit with the patches its so hard to get a doc to believe its real .with my ibs which i need latives to go with out i can not go i went for 28 days till i took the laxatives to go it just makes you feel so bad feeling so full it hurts all over i have lost 60 pounds though this i cant eat solid foods they just end up coming up he recommends me to get a port and have liquids to drink and stop eating solid foods my belly looks like im pregent that the only big thing on me and i cant stand to look at myself anymore its gets so depressing but i know i must cope for my kids thanks for listing and hope all have pain free days hugs to all alaina

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